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Design Classes

We built our new floral & garden store on River Street in Santa Cruz with an open, engaging layout to encourage customers to participate in the creative design process.


Now that we have settled into our new space, we are excited to offer select design classes for individuals and small groups.

Here is some additional information and next steps to attend:

Submit your name on the notify list below

To kick-off the process we are starting by asking you to fill out the form below expressing your interest so that we can put together a schedule and offer most interesting topics

Class Length?

Most classes will run about 90 minutes


Each class will vary in cost depending on the provided materials, most being around $99 per person including materials. 

What is provided?

All of the materials for the class will be provided and some classes will include snacks and beverages

YES! Please notify me when classes are scheduled
Select Areas of Interest

Floral & Garden Design Classes

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