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Save the Pollinators!

It takes a village, and you can help. 
A number of our most critical pollinators of flowers, plants and crops are diminishing.  Levels are reaching critical lows.

Did you know?  70% of all flowering plants rely on pollinators.

Why are butterflies and bees and other pollinators in such decline? Native pollinator populations are at risk due to habitat loss (urban sprawl and removing habitats without replacement), climate change, devastating fires, pesticides, pests and disease.

The good news is you don’t have to be an entomologist (bug scientist) to help protect our pollinators. We can all help by planting a small pollinator garden with native flowers that bloom across different seasons and offer breeding areas to help them thrive.

At Ferrari Florist, we are working to do our part.  We are supporters of the Xerces Society and other Western Monarch and Bee advocates.

We have designed several unique living and cut flower arrangements that are not only beautiful to enjoy, but some include seeds packets you can plant to attract butterflies and bees.  Our living baskets have specific plants these pollinators love best that can be planted in your yard after you have enjoyed your arrangement.

Let's all do our part,  ~FFG

Click to visit these informative sites on protecting pollinators and growing healthy plants


We have created several specialty Plant Gardens & Floral Designs that include pollinator plants and planting seeds to help save them



A portion of the proceeds from these items go to Save Our Monarchs and Pollinator Partnership groups dedicated toward protection and awareness

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